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  • Covenant restrictions
    Part of our community covenants include a declaration that improvement shall not be started until a plan is submitted to and approved by the Architectural Review Committee. What needs ARC approval? Things that you add or change to your property. Examples include new landscaping, decks, pools, house additions, and house painting if it's a different color. In order to provide some guidelines, I've listed some of the items that I have received questions on recently. Please feel free to call or email me. Lauri Fischer: 219-7205 or

    Landscaping:Generally, landscape maintenance does not require architectural review. All *NEW* landscaping requires architectural review. This includes: new trees, planting beds, vegetable gardens, brick and rock borders, fencing, fountains, ponds, and lighting (that requires running electrical wiring or additional outlets)

    Sprinkler Systems: Professionally installed irrigation systems do not require architectural review. Please be positive of your property line prior to installing.

    Basketball Goal Guidelines: The goal must be positioned a maximum of 8 feet from the garage door.

    -The goal must be facing on the property in such a manner that errant balls will fall beyond the backboard into the yard of the resident owner of the goal, and not onto the neighboring property.

    -The goal itself must be kept well maintained.

    Satellite Dishes: Although 18^2 satellite dishes are automatically approved for usage in Canyon Creek, you must make a written application of the location of where the dish will be placed on the property.

    -Satellite Dishes which are mounted below the fence line on the side or back of a home and not visible from the public thoroughfare(s) are considered as being in an acceptable location and do not require written approval.

    -Elsewhere on the exterior of the home, the recommended location for the dish is the rear roofline, with the dish turned such that it is not noticeable from along the public thoroughfare(s).

    -Exterior attachment cables should be attached in a neat fashion, as far from the public thoroughfares as necessity allows.
  • Lost Camera
    Lost video camera somewhere in the vacinty of Ember Glen Dr. & Boulder Ln, possibly along Boulder Ln this morning, 11-06-12.

    Camera is in a black case. I can discribe the unit and the equipment inside the case. Please call, I will offer a reward for safe return to owner.
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